How to win at roulette fast

how to win at roulette

Roulette belongs to the most-loved oldest entertainments. While it seems the game of luck, there are ways you can reduce your losses. Learn how to win at roulette at an online casino of Canada, and start getting more.

How to win at roulette online

All people, who play this game, are curious about how to win roulette every time. Unfortunately, you cannot be always a winner: the casino must also make money. Nevertheless, there are several tips that will help you make profit on this game. Here they are.

how to win at roulette online
  1. Play European variant of this game. European and American games are the most common types of it. American one has two Zeros and European one has 1 Zero. One extra Zero in the American variant lowers your odds of winning. In American type, the house (i.e. casino) advantage is 5.6%, while in the European one, it is significantly better at 2.7%. Thus, when you are you are eager to understand how to win at roulette, bet picking European type.
  2. Play only at a trusted casino. Avoid playing at little casinos that are unknown. There, the chance of cheating is clearly higher. Experts are sure that even playing roulette online is safer. However, be careful online as well and choose your venue carefully. When you are not quite sure where to gamble on the internet, check out the recommended casinos of Canada and grab the best bonuses at the same time. All these casinos are secure and have licenses. That means games are definitely haphazard and regulated.
  3. Before you go play this wheel-and-ball game for your own money, you should try it free. It will be the best way to see how to win money on roulette. Several gambling sites allow you to try the game without making real bets. This will help you to understand bet sizes and the game speed.
  4. Watch videos about it. YouTube videos can be very helpful for newbies.
  5. It is advisable to take a short break from the games after a big win.
  6. When you want to realize how to win at roulette, know your limits. As with all games, be careful about your money loss. Playing with sensible bets is a fun pastime that brings a little excitement to life.

Roulette strategy matters

When you play this game, a single number wins the stake 35 times. However, that number hits quite rarely, so it’s worth keeping the bet moderate. Playing only “colors” will raise your odds of winning. Learn about Martingale and Fibonacci strategies. They are described almost on all sites devoted to this game.

Besides, the simplest most well-known way to enjoy roulette is to play only 1 color, for example. The strategy works by always starting with the same bet, but if you lose, you double the bet. Your color will inevitably come somewhere, and you will get your loss with interest back.

The game gives more with bigger stakes

You don’t have to spend much on roulette, as the minimum bet for a game is only 1 CAD, but a sensible player should choose a higher bet. Otherwise, the game is not interesting enough. Often a bet of at least 5 CAD is chosen. In that case, the casino will pay substantial sums.

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